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ODFS Statement on proposed meeting of 'Syrian opposition' in Antalya, Turkey

Friday, 27 May 2011

ODFS criticises 'Syrian opposition' intending to meet in Antalya for not being genuine representatives of the people

Ribal Al-Assad, the Director of the Organisation for Democracy and Freedom in Syria, has criticised some of the 'Syrian opposition' involved in the proposed meeting in Antalya, Turkey on 31 May, for not being true representatives of the Syrian people. He said:

"It is very clear that some of these individuals are not genuine representatives of the Syrian people. Moreover they are individuals who promote extremism or sectarianism, which has no place in the path to freedom and democracy. The Syrian protestors have consistently chanted "peace peace peace, we are one'. Therefore playing the sectarian card is not what the Syrian people want and it could only destabilise the country and lead to chaos and not reform. So it is imperative that these individuals and their evil agenda are exposed to the international community. Any meeting of the Syrian opposition must include a broad coalition of groups that genuinely believe in freedom, democracy, and religious pluralism"

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